Be My Eye

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Rahaf Nawaas
Ruwaa Shehadeh
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There are many people around the world who have a disability like blind people,these people always have difficulty moving from one place to another because they are hardly able to detect the state or object in their way so they are more likely to get injured. Be my eye is a system which improves and makes their life easier, it consists of smart stick and a small box, smart stick can detect any object and tell the user that there is an object on his way using the speaker, also it alerts the user when there is water or when the user is going to go upstairs or downstairs, in addition, it warns the user if there is a hole in front of him. Once this smart stick faced one of these cases, the stick will start to vibrate and buzzer sound will start also, the box will describe the case which faced the user through a speaker, this description can be in Arabic or English according to what the user chooses, moreover user’s family can track the user by GPS. This system is designed based on Audio which is interfaced with the required sensors, motors, and electronic components such as ultrasonic sensors, vibration motor, buzzer, GPS module, etc.