Noo-Noo Cleaner Robot

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“Mohammad Saleh” Issam Dwikat
Ala' Kamal Mashaqi
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Cleanliness and a healthy environment are the basis for individuals' health, their distance from diseases, and their psychological happiness in life. People naturally tend to be clean, and seeing clean things comfort them psychologically. The problem they deal with is the effort to clean places, whether it is a house, land, or otherwise. One of the most common cleaning processes that people do on a daily basis is cleaning the floor of the house or carpets, as a result of its exposure to continuous and continuous use, which makes it in need of continuous cleaning, and the manual cleaning process. The body overwork because it requires muscular effort, whether by using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet or by using scrapers to scrape the floor. Noo-Noo is a solution to help people to clean floors and carpets without any effort just by launching it and then it will clean everything alone in an easy effective way. This would make it easy for everyone to have well-cleaned places and give them healthy and happy lives. 6