Design Smart Wheelchair For Disabled People

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Ali Ahmad
Thawabi Sameh
Yousef Momen
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Some people have limited mobility, which makes them use the wheelchair to help them move easily without a lot of help. The purpose of this project is to serve these people by developing a wheelchair while adding more features than a regular chair. The use of this improved wheelchair can contrat it using acapon his head This project is based on Arduino as the core processor. Wheelchair movement will be controlled using head movement. This project includes many advantages as follows . First, it includes GPS (Global Positioning System) to keep track of the chair as it moves. Secondly, it includes a GSM card to call in case something dangerous happens by sending the chair's location. A front and near ultrasonic sensor added to detect anything near the chair that will obstract it. The chair also include the feature of making a voice call when the hat falls off the person's head. Finally, an optical sensor (LDR) has been added to illuminate front and near headlamps when the lighting level is low.