Cross linked Polyethylene Recycling

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may, sofan
Al taher, Ola
Haj Hamad, Ruba
sawafta, wala'
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The purpose of this research paper was to recycle cross linked poly ethylene pipes decrease the cross linking in order to use it again in several application or blend it with other polymers to enhance properties and expand its uses. The recycling properties includes milling of Cross Linked Polyethylene pipes producing sheets of monolayer’s and multilayer’s of Cross Linked Polyethylene and Low Density Polyethylene polymers by using homemade thermal press mold operated at different temperatures it was hard that recycled XLPE can be utilized in making sheets as monolayer sheets(XLPE alone) these sheets have certain mechanical properties which were affected by pressing temperature, tensile strength and 1%secant modulus, increasing by increasing temperature until degradation occur. On the other hand it was observed the recycled LDPE can be used to produce a sheet composed from one layer of XLPE and two layer of LDPE enhancing appearance and mechanical properties for monolayer (XLPE) the maximum obtained 15.68MPa, 314.66MPa, and 18.5% for tensile strength, 1% secant modulus, and ductility, and for multilayer 16.4MPa, 345.67MPa, 34.23% for tensile strength, 1% secant modulus, and ductility.