Seismic Design of Al- Tira Tower Building

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Abd-karim Jamal Saad
Mohammd Riyad
Shaymaa Ahmad
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" Al -Tira Tower project " is located in Nablus city. It is useful for both educational and practical hand to design this project.  The tower is a reinforced concrete structure that consists of eight floors, total area equals 3601 m2. To design this project, the mathematical representative model of structure that reflects reality as much as possible will be made. In the first phase of the project a 3D structural model for building under static loads using SAP2000 program must be analyzed. After verifying the results of SAP2000, the evaluation of the capacity of individual structural members was done, such as slabs, beams, and columns as per ACI 318-14 specifications.  In this project, the design must satisfy strength, serviceability and stability, and the expected loads will be put on the structural elements and an analysis of structure to find the internal forces will be done, and sensual and analogical checks on the results will be made. To design the structure static, the load that represents the project site will be put, and it will be designed to make sensual checks on the results of design. In the final phase of the project, structural detailing drawings for all elements in the structure will be given considering seismic analysis by use code IBC2012.
  : 1- .   2- . 3- .   36012     17 .  (SAP17.2 )   . . .    2014 .IBC2012