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Najjar, Farah
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The Faculty of Architecture is an educational center specializing in the teaching of everything related to architecture from history and theories of architecture to modern and sustainable architecture and green architecture. Where there is a ceremony to allow students to work on architectural projects and implementation, in addition to the lecture halls that allow them to study theoretical materials. The aim of the project: • Preparation of architectural engineers prepared scientifically and technically through the development of skills for students. • Prepare a new generation of graduates capable of responding to the actual needs of the engineering and professional work necessary to serve the community as a whole. • Provide the appropriate educational environment that leads to the formation of graduates able to interact actively with the engineering professional. • Encourage and support the participation of students in scientific research through their active participation in it. Prepare students with good scientific preparation and improve their ability to communicate in foreign languages, especially English, and commitment to academic exchange. The idea of the project is to find a simple or simple form that a person thinks of as an architect and then to employ rectangles according to the shape and the texture of the earth. After finding the shape, the rectangle is used so that the shape is more creative than the inside. Overlooks the studio on the other floor.