Planning and Design of an Overpass in Nablus City CDB Area

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Samaaneh, Huda
Bitar, Sahar
Al-Saadi, Ahd
Ghannam, Ghadeer
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The study area, which is Faisal/Haifa Street and its surrounding area that is located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Nablus City is one of the most important areas in Nablus since it’s a link between the east side and the west side of the city and it makes an entrance to the CBD area. The study area has always been one of the most congested locations in Nablus. As noticed in previous studies and counts, it has high vehicular and pedestrian volumes. Therefore, the objective of this project was to minimize the congestion and to increase the capacity of that area. In this project, related projects that considered this problem have been studied, data was collected by cooperation with the municipality of Nablus, ideas to solve the congestion were explored, traffic studies were conducted, and the results were analyzed to choose the best solution that will be economically feasible and engineering applicable. The effectiveness of constructing an overpass for vehicles in solving or minimizing the problem has been studied, and the results were compared with the results of another project which considered constructing an underpass to solve the problem. This project is of a big importance since it discussed one of the most real solutions for the congestion problem at the study area. There have been an endless number of solutions that were applied to solve that problem but weren’t that successful. The expected results for the project should achieve the aimed objectives to increase the capacity of the traffic network within the study area and to minimize the congestion problem.