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Yameen, Oday
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This site is designed to solve some of the problems that exist in our country Palestine, including that people in Palestine are accustomed to selling their products on social media pages, and you may see the product hundreds of times on more than one page and some of these pages are unsafe and counterfeit. And that people are also not used to buying and selling through reliable sites as in the countries of the world, and Pal-souq relieves people from crowding in stores and reduces the spread of epidemics among them as the world is witnessing today due to the Corona virus. I am interested in this project in helping people in the process of buying and selling their products, and at the same time organizing the buying and selling process as there are no problems in ordering, comparing and searching for products. In this project Pal-souq I constraint a selling website to buy product from customer on the internet in easy way and easy user interface to do that, but Pal-souq not alone in Palestine ,so there similar website , but no one of them has the all feature that I put in Pal-souq together. So from this feature I mad an Auction , Wishlist to product , Bills after buying thing, payment by credit card or PayPal and other feature you will discover in this report.