Palm oil used in the production of biofuels and the feed industry

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Eng. Bahaa Jadallah
Eng. Midien Rashed
Eng. Mahmoud jumaa
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The aim of this project, to recycle the wasted palm oil then used it in the field of produce animal feed. At first, tests were conducted for a sample of pure palm oil, as well as for a sample of used palm oil, and then the results of the tests were compared. Where the focus was on three tests, the moisture test, the peroxide value test, and the FFA test. Where it was found that the results are close with small variations, and they are within the permissible limit for its inclusion in feed production, so the focus was on how to change the solid phase to liquid, by reducing the melting temperature of this oil. Because of the lack of research on reducing the melting temperature, work was done to reduce it through experimentation, by adding H2O2 substances during the distillation process, and then conducting a laboratory test again in order to ensure that the properties were not affected by the treatment process and that the oil is still suitable for use in the production of feed.