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Qaqa, Eman
Saffarini, Dunia
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Every Work in our lives take a lot of time and efforts to achieve it, So humans tried to find a way to help them to reduce these things until reach their goals. So Robot was the solution and in our project, the important goal was to help people who works in hospitals ,nurses or the hospital employees, as they have a lot of sensitive duties and one of these duties is to deliver the diet to the patients, because of its important in patients lives and it must be accurate per each patient which is depends on the patient’s health also it is an important factor to help them recover quickly. so to make sure that there is no errors while deliver the diets our robot is designed. So the kitchen employee will put the diets in the turntable part of our robot, then the robot will follow a specific path, as our robot is a line follower robot, then when the robot reaches the room the appropriate diet will be unlocked and the other diets will be locked.