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Aghbar, Emad
Abdalraziq, Mohammad
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Handy is smart glove that tends to make usage of projector easier, more fun, functional and interactive, as it provides a controlling mechanism by hand motion and gestures to send commands to computer enabling the user to express more while presenting or working with projector. Furthermore, handy converts the surface of which the projector is projecting on into a touch surface enabling user to select and interact with screen easily. Main problem handy is willing to solve is making user not restricted to stay close to pc while presenting, by giving a way to control screen content remotely in an easy and simple way. we have made use of some sensors to detect the hand motion and a microcontroller to process the sensors input and form them to understandable commands to be received by the computer to control the screen, and a software driver was written in java to connect the device with computer; Bluetooth and IR were used to achieve communication between pc and the glove. This project has ended up to a prototype of a smart projector system consisting of the glove, IR camera provided in the Wiimote and a software, all combined to introduce a small system making presenting experience more fun.