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Kharouf, Hiba
Adili, Maryam
Nazzal, Lamees
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We have created shippex to deliver goods and parcels from one place to another with the possibility of tracking the place of parcels to the time of arrival by a code received by the sender and the receiver when delivery of the parcel to one of the company offices, the code sends a message to the sender and receiver numbers entered in the data to be used in tracking, When the parcel arrives at the place of the recipient so that the recipient receives the package We have three sections in this site with its characteristics a- User The sender will sign in or create an account for the site to set up the shipment initially sent. Add the recipient's data in the recipients if it is not already added Then the shipments enter the required shipping data and the consignee knows and waits to accept the shipment to send the parcel to the office and receive its code to track its shipment and location. B - Principal User: He can view, approve or reject all applications, and distribute e-mail messages and passwords to each office. C - Office: can see the packets that reach the receipt of the user sends the receipt, and then decides the next place if the place to which it sends the user sends to receive the shipment.