Planning and Designing A Solar Neighborhood

Recently, the world is moving towards the Promotion of Renewable energy use and mainly on solar energy. And solar energy is the most important because it is easier to use, is available to everyone and can be obtained simply. In addition to the possibility of utilization in other ways for power generation and other uses. But for the exploitation this energy at the city level, it requires many changes in the morphology of the city and the design. So, this project will take in consideration the factors that affect the designing and planning the urban scale to make it depending on the solar energy. This project will depend on the analyzing of the main factors that affect the planning and designing a solar neighborhood, so it depends mainly at topography and solar analysis, then starting the planning process deepening on the analysis, so to start this stage it will depend on shadow analysis to maximize the concept of solar access at winter and minimize the sun shadows at summer. So the project starts with attempts and Experiences on built-up environment to reach to the best orientation from the buildings and streets, all planning and designing stage will depend on this phase of shadow the design stage also solar aspects will be taken into account, at designing of buildings, parking's, street lightings, solar park and the green areas. Also, the project suggest to use the solar cells at the neighborhood, these cells use to produce energy used at the neighborhood , also use vegetation and shading to control the shadow at summer . Also, the project will have regulation result from the shadow analysis, these regulation will be used as guidelines for designing and planning urban areas that have the same analysis results. Finally, the project will introduce Final master plan for the solar neighborhood that explain all the results from the planning and designing depending on the solar access. And the final output will be Master plan , detailed plans for area's used solar cells ,building regulations depending on solar access. Applying this project to Palestinian cities in general will solve a lot of problems related to energy and the lack of its sources, and provides the amounts of energy that make these cities rely on the production of the necessary energy autonomously and without need for importing it from abroad by Israel ways, and get rid of the pressure of Isra'il on the Palestinians in the field of energy and electricity. And the importance of implementation of such projects was increased in the Gaza Strip where the show continued uninterrupted power supply and the problems related to it, and the hard life of the people of the strip due to the prevention of supplying the power by Israel. And therefore it must adopt such projects by the Ministry of Planning and Authority Energy and the environment for a better future. Also applying this project will offer warmth at winter , cool at summer , clear air, reduce fuel consumption and increase energy production to use at the region . So, at this project it will be planned and designed to apply at a neighborhood scale, to make it clearer and to understand the process. The project can be applied at most of locations at Palestine , but we chose a location for the project for many criteria will explained after studying the selected site .so most locations have high solar radiation values and solar access so , it can be applied at most locations and at all uses .