BidEase Auction Mobile Application

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Zain Awadeh
Amal abo daowd
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Our capstone project is to create an easy-to-use auction mobile app called “BidEase” using Flutter, Firebase, and Android Studio. BidEase aims to simplify the auction experience, allowing users to easily participate and bid on items of interest. To ensure an outstanding user experience, emphasis is placed on careful analysis of requirements including login, browsing elements and quotes. The interactive user interface is designed to ensure a seamless user experience by simplifying the bidding process and providing instant feedback. The project aims for BidEase to be compatible with Android and iOS devices, with comprehensive documentation for each part of the project to facilitate future maintenance. In the future, the app will be ready to launch on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, BidEase will help make digital auctions more convenient and accessible to a wide range of users..