Modification of Hot Water Polyethylene Pipes

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.A.Odeh, Amali
M.Amarneh, Batool.
S.Salman, Tasneem.
Namrotee, Zakeyeh.S.
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The main aim of this project was trying to increase the market share of the Palestine Plastic Industrial Company Limited (PPIC) – LADAEN in the cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PEX), with the same good quality at the lowest possible cost in order to overcome the rival Israeli who is the main competitor of the company. The first step of constructing this project was searching about polyethylene pipes in general and polyethylene raised temperature (RT) and crossed linked polyethylene (PEX) in special. Then after almost all the information were collected, a survey was constructed and then distributed in the northern side of the west bank, to decide the market share of both polyethylene raised temperature (PE-RT) and crossed linked polyethylene of many companies, and the results were analyzed. The final step was conducting different tests and experiments for many reasons such as indicating the bearing of compression supported in different manners (vertical and horizontal). According to the survey analysis, it was concluded that the main problem facing the PEX pipes is the high selling price compared to the other competitors. And the market share of polyethylene raised temperature (PE-RT) was about 1%, and PalPex about 22% in the northern governs of the west bank, and 3.5% of the whole west bank because of high raw materials cost, also the largest problem which is summarized in deceiving customers from Israeli competitors by distributing fake products in the local market, in addition to Palestinian customers culture centered on trusting in Israeli products more than our national products