Wastewater collection network design for Burqeen village

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Yazan O. omari
Khalil khamaisah
Ibraheem Saeed
Nimer Nofal
Mazen Thaher
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A water supply is a collection of parts assembled with each other by engineered hydrologic and hydraulic components which provide needed water. Our project will be carried out in Burqeen. The water network in Burqeen weak , old and wrought randomly without accounts , in highland areas the water not reach in sufficient quantities and low  pressure , and in some low-lying areas have water in large quantities and Annoyingly high pressure and velocity ,Water network in this village consists of a set of bundled networks through independent projects so there is no plan for the water system for the whole village and when trying to collect these networks show that there is an error in the whole so they do not coincide with each other, its a big challenge so we have to redesign the water network .   We have two main objectives in our project. To evaluate and redesign the water network and design the sewer networks.   Its clear that the main objectives of the project are to cover the needed demand of water for each house or facility, with minimum cost and with high water quality, and to get rid of the sewage.   Methodology starts by collecting data and information from the area of study and from previous studies related to the project, including the demand which is computed from the number of people. And by using the suitable computer programs (Water Cad , Sewer Cad and Civil 3d ) this data will be used to design networks which meet the required objectives.          
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