Face Recognition Project

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Alaa Abu Odeh
Israa Hinnawi
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Our Project goal is, to develop a hardware system that prevent unauthorized persons from passing through the gate ,the gate has an electronic lock controlled by our hardware system . The developed hardware is composed of a BeagleBoard system which manage the main software , and a PIC controller that manage the gate controll. This system use a camera that captures the face of person who is trying to access the door lock ,then multiple algorithm are used to detect and recognize  the face. An image for each authorized person  should be stored in the system ,the system compares the image captured by the camera with  all  pre stored  authorized person`s pictures and  if the system finds that this face is related to an  authorized person ,then It will send a signal to microcontroller to unlock the door, depending on this signal the system will decide if the person is allowed to enter and sends required control signal to open the gate for allowed person . The BeagleBoard is a low power open source single board computer.On this system we installed a custom linux operating system.And developed an application that performs image processing to recognize the faces of persons that are allowedto enter the lock. The main board sends control signal to a second board controlled by a PIC18f6420 microcontroller to control the gate. This system provides the security that can be used for example for houses or offices To check  the identity of the people who want to enter the house.