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Abdulrahman Alsaabneh
Moatasem Ghanim
Malek Salatneh
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This project is a design of a multipurpose sports hall with concrete wall and steel roof.This idea of the sports hall has been turned into design and construction in Tulkarem by CHF International and funded by USAID.Scope   The main scope of this project is to introduce a new idea to the project of graduation in Civil Engineering Dept at An-Najah National University.The goal of the new design is to make a new plan with more seating area for spectators. Also, to increase the hall capacity by adding more seats for audience and adding more storage areas. The additional seats will be added on the short sides of the hall and the area of the building will remain the same as in the design. This is expected to increase the functionality of the hall.Codes of Design   This project is designed using the ACI 318-08/IBC2009.Units   The main units of measure used in this projects calculation are the SI units (meter, KN).Materials Properties   The main two materials used in this structure are concrete and steel. Concrete used has compression strength   (fc) =28 Mpa, steel hasFy=420 Mpa.Loads   The design of this structure was performed considering gravity loads and wind load. Gravity loads include both, dead and live loads. Dead loads are the loads associated with the weight of structure itself. Live loads are the loads associated with building use that results from the weight of people and other occupants. The live load is pre-determined by the IBC 2009 code with a value of 3 KN/m.Design Method   The design approach is the ultimate strength design which means that the load at failure is calculated, and then members of the structure will be designed accordingly.Loads factors determined by ACI code are:    1.2 For dead loads.    1.6 For live loads.   These loads factors are used to find the ultimate load as a combination of both dead and live load only. To include the effect of wind load there are many combinations that defined on SAP by default.   Also, SAP2000 program is used to perform the analysis.Description of Building and Location   The sports hall consists of reinforced concrete walls and a steel roof. The plan has a shape of an oval and roof system is a truss. There are two sets of Spectators seats that are opposite to each other in the northern and southern sides. Both groups of seats can hold up to 525 persons. These are utility rooms for players beneath audience seats.   The 1744 m of the hall has three playgrounds for soccer, basketball and volleyball with dimensions: 4020 m, 2815m and 918 m respectively. The hall is located near Tulkarems bus station.   The bearing capacity of the soil equals to 150 KN/m.Modification of the DesignNumber of seats is to be increased by 40% with increasing the number of storage areas.