Authorship Attribution in Arabic Poetry

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Balatiah, Razan
Mahmoud, Sara
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This project represents an authorship attribution in Arabic poetry using Ara- bic Natural Language Processing (ANLP) and machine learning techniques. The main objective of this project is to employ computer software in the treatment of Arabic poetry so that the machine , according to a given poem or a part of it with an unknown poet , can automatically predict the poet who wrote the poem . Our project targets the young poets , students of Arabic literature and poetry lovers to know the styles of poets ,to acquire the wisdom ,the messages and the morals , and also to spread Arabic poetry which has deep importance and finally to avoid Literary thefts. The main challenge is: Can we identify the original author for unknown text among a set of candidate authors automatically by the machine? To do that we will use style markers and features to identify the author such as the charac- ters, length of sentences and words, meter, rhyme and dicritization (harakat) in the poems. All these features are used as input data for classification algorithms . Besides, dataset of poems with known poets will be used as training data , and the data of texts whose authors are unknown (text in the test dataset) will be mined to find out the the writer’s style which indicates his/her name. This project has been done on a group of 8 authors and the results with classification precision was 83%