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Khaseeb, Aseel
Yameen, Razan
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We are now in the age of speed and technology, and with the presence of the Corona, which made the presence of applications and websites on the Internet in different fields important to facilitate the practice of some things in these areas. So we created an application and website application which are an applications to sell beauty products for women, such as: skin products, hair products, body products, perfumes, makeup products, clothes, and other accessories. The goal of this applications is to make it easier for users for several reasons, for example: sometimes when the user goes to the store, he may find the store closed or the product is not available or it may be difficult for him to come to the store because of the distance ... Therefore, the presence of such an applications makes it easier for them to choose the products they want to buy, and to know if the products are available or not, and also the product delivery service is available to any place where the users are, a detailed explanation about the product, its price and other important matters is available, we have it available Evaluate these products and write a comment on these products, add products to your favorite product basket and also add them to the cart, some coupons are available, and also the user can communicate with the official through the information available in the application ... Also, there is a section for the administrator in website application, where he adds the products he wants to sell, modifies and deletes, adds coupons, adds categories, add shiping information, shows reviews and comments on the products, a list appears for users Orders and users comments and reviews .... We designed the mobile app using Flutter framework with a dart language for front-end. We designed the website using OOP PHP and bootstrap for front-end. For the back-end we used mysql database.