Delay in constructions projects

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Ammar Azzam
Hussain Kharoof
Baha' Nawasrah
Hossam Radwan
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Administration known as the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the resources available to achieve the goals of the organization, and the main branch of management: management of construction projects that dealing with the management of construction projects required to achieve the goals of quality and cost.Management interested in nine key issues which the management of all of the cost, quality, risk and communication in the project and management of human resources ,Scope and time management, which is one of the most important issues, as many of the problems that occur in the project caused by poor time management and most important of these problems is delay in projects and that means increase of times specified for the implementation of the project more than the schedule and that therefore lead to increase in indirect cost.To study the delay in construction projects which is the subject of this study , several case studies have been reviewed that give many results to determine the reasons for the delay in construction projects, for example ; Client related causes (delay of payment to contractor ) ,also consultant related causes (Shop Drawings Approval) and contractor related causes ( lack in the labors and equipment needs to complete the project).To study the delay Azzoun school was taking as a case study which will study the delay by using methodology summarized as follow : calculating the quantities for the project and then compare them with the quantities calculated(BOQ), and make scheduling of the project and compare it to the schedule prepared earlier by contractor , then study the documents of the project(documentary analysis), such as daily reports and correspondence to find out the reasons for the delay and also do interviews with persons with relationship to the project ( project engineer) .