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Jenan Abualrub
Israa Odeh
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Throughout history, Palestine has consistently captivated attention due to its strategic geographical position. Consequently, this encouraged the rise of subsequent civilizations on this holy land, making it a uniquely appealing destination for sightseers worldwide, especially given Palestine's wealth of diverse attractions. However, the lack of modern approaches to promote landmarks or guide tourists effectively, alongside, the campaigns held by Israeli and Western media to distort any cultural significance of the Palestinian heritage, seriously threaten to erase the Palestinian identity. In response to these challenges, this paper introduces Touristine, a cross-platform that serves as a comprehensive travel companion, enabling users to explore Palestine's diverse and historically rich landscapes. Touristine targets tourists and locals. It provides the user with destinations that align with their interests, weather status, and health conditions. Users can quickly access a wealth of information, use location tracking to reach the destination, enjoy a virtual tour, share feedback, and view others' experiences to make decisions. Additionally, Touristine offers a unique planning feature, it generates personalized plans to the users, based on specific criteria such as date, trip duration, age categories, and preferred destination types. It also encourages communication between users and administrators, either by raising complaints, suggesting new possible destinations, or by chatting directly. Users can upload recent images of any destination for the purpose of helping other users see recent imagery of it, or they could be directed towards the administrators to show cracks in the buildings using image processing techniques, which aims to repair such defects and maintain a good-looking structure for future visitors.