Applying Lean Manufacturing Tools at Al -Karmel Islamic Company

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Baraa Yaseen
Lamees Zamel
Sarah Arman
Yazan Qadi
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In Palestine, meat processing is regarded as one of the most important sectors in the food industry. There are 17 factories in operation, employing more than 559 people, with a total investment volume of more than $25 million dollars. This industry ranks first in the food industry, with Palestinian meat products accounting for 90% of the market. This sector represents a significant investment in the local economy, requiring more than 100 tons of various varieties of meat per day. Al-Karmel Islamic Factory (KIF) is a Palestinian meat processing which is the case of this project. This project’s major goal is to reduce the various types of waste generated in KIF which will help boost efficiency and production, improve quality, and lower costs. To this end, Lean Six Sigma (LSS)-DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) methodology will be employed to eliminate waste and improve performance and efficiency in KIF. More specifically, three production lines at KIF are considered for eliminating waste represented by over processing, reducing lead time, and increasing productivity, and increasing efficiency while maintaining customer satisfaction and quality assurance. In this project, we applied the five stages of DMAIC on 3 production lines for five products, which is the salami production line, including two salami products 1200g and salami 800g, the pastrami production line, from which samples were taken from the 200g pastrami product, and the hotdog production line, where the hotdog variety was taken 1000 g and hot dog 400 g. During these stages, we took random samples of sample size 4, and we reduced the waste in product weights and reduced the mean deviation from the target weight for each of these five products, in order to achieve significant cost savings and make some recommendations in order to preserve on this performance improvement.