Structural Design of a Hotel Building

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Mohammed Qawariq
faris kojok
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The project is a design of a hotel building in Ramallah which is a main center, where the number of active hotels are not enough. The hotel consists of eight floors, each floor is equal to about 1510m2, and the height of each floor is 3m.      The building contains rooms, corridors, balconies, stairs and elevators. The structural elements are slabs, beams, columns, and foundations. The design method used is the ultimate strength method and building code is ACI 2008. A3D model has been check using manual and sap program.      Of the desired goals of the project the ability to structural design, and the ability to use construction programs such as sap2000.      This project is concerned with the analysis and design of a reinforced concrete structure. The structure under study is a hotel building in Ramallah.      This building consists of eight stories. Structural elements of this project are to be analyzed and designed using manual calculations and compared with computerized analysis and design using a universally used software called SAP2000 program.      SAP2000 program is a well known and sophisticated technique used to evaluate shear values, moments, and deflections depending on finite element theory which is more accurate compared with manual techniques. This approach consumes less time than manual technique.