Smart Grass Cutter

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Hillo, Bassam
Jarawan, Fadi
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There is a continuous increase in green areas in the world, either in our homes or in public areas, where grass grows fast and to keep these areas beautiful we have to introduce a technology in this area to help in mowing lawn to reduce time and effort. Grass trimmers have always been the same, you have to control and drive them where you want to mow. Now since the world is moving to more au- tomation in our life, we had the idea of making a robot that does this process by itself instead of human effort. The most important aspect of this prototype that it works without any human intervention as the machine moves in zigzag motion to achieve com- plete garden coverage. The main objective of the project is to use it in any garden, whatever its size, and regardless of the blockers and objective that lies in this garden. The idea is built around a vehicle which has an attached blade and a sensor which detects any obstacle it faces in front, right, left directions and another sensor which examines the surrounding environment and takes the decision of the next movement.