Institutional development for the Faculty of Engineering and IT departments

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Baraa Majdi Sawalhi
Deema Abbas Hanbali
Majd Tareq Aghbar
Yaman Adnan Asfour
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 Problem statement: The Faculty of Engineering of An-Najah National University was established in the year 1979, at which time it offered just a single degree, the Bachelor of Civil Engineering. As the demand on engineers in other disciplines has increased the faculty of engineering kept introducing new programs. Currently the engineering faculty houses 17 academic engineering department so engineering college become a large college and there is no available procedural manual for the deanship and the departments, which negatively affects the performance of employees and the quality of the activities at the college. Project description: In our project Institutional development for the engineering college and engineering departments" we will develop a procedure manual for the deanship and the departments of engineering college by  documenting the  standard operating procedures . In order to facilitate the process of carrying out the activities and the distribution of tasks by job title description. Project objectives: Our project objective is to institutionalizing the processes in the engineering college and engineering departments, so we will develop procedural manual for the deanship and the departments. As a result, repeatable process will be achieved; fewer problems and failures in the quality of processes or services will be resulted, knowing more quickly if things are going wrong and where issues happened, stop spending money or wasting time on the same old problems. Many problems will disappear because it will be known how to prevent them, in addition to the better management control and reporting, which means that it will be easy to know how processes is going. Implementation methodology:          Gathering information on the current situation in the college.          Determine the operation procedures that need to be developed.          Develop an organizational structure and functional descriptions for the suggested situation.          Develop the operation procedures that have determined before.