Automatic solar cells cleaning

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Jawabreh, Ata
Dweikat, Abdullah
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Cleaning solar panels from dust and dirt is of great importance, as cleaning helps to increase the production of energy from solar cells, and some important advice must be followed during the process of cleaning the solar panels in order not to cause a mistake. There are two types of cleaning solar panels, they are wet and dry, and certain cleaning methods are used in each type, either automatic or manual cleaning machines, and care must be taken when cleaning some types of solar panels coated with anti-reflective sunlight. We did a feasibility study for a project using the automatic cleaning mechanism and showed us the importance of cleaning the solar panels despite the somewhat high price. We found that the Bazy Company’s cleaning system is more expensive than the dry cleaning system, we designed it, and it showed us the price difference between them and that the dry cleaning system is better in terms of price and operating expenses.