Studying Geothermal Heat Pump in Palestine

dc.contributor.authorAhmad Khaled
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dc.description.abstractEvery year, Families spend more than half of its home energy budget on heating and cooling process for the building. And that percentage is extremely higher due to change in the climate over thesummer andwinter. As a result, we have to find alternatives or to improve our systems in order to decrease energy consumption for heating and cooling process.   Human beings always search on the comfort zone to live in. That they use all possible ways to warm their homes by using fire in the old days and not away , in the urban of Palestine.Whereas, they design their buildings to keep theheatinside the housein winter andprevent outside heatfrom entering tothe houseinsummer. By the industry revolution that began in the past three centuries, it had been discoverednew ways helped toimprove thecomfort ofhumans andenvironmentalliving conditions. This showed a variety of means for the purposes of heating, such as the stove and air conditioner as well as ways to have cool weather such as the cooling fan and air-Conditioner and others. Unfortunately, the industry revolution and that ways of heating and cooling affect negatively on the environment. So the world had started to fear from these effects and begansearching forsolutions to thisproblemand how tominimizetheir negative impacton the environmentsuch as searchingfor ways toreduce the problem ofthe Ozone holeand theharmfulsolar radiationenteringthe atmospherethroughthis holeand the resultingclimaticchanges. One of these solutions is to build environmentally friendly homes, and rely on renewable sources of energy such as solar and ground heat and others.en
dc.titleStudying Geothermal Heat Pump in Palestineen
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