Construction Project Management

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Faris Obaid
Hisham Melhim
Mohammad Jameel
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We select this project for many important reason such as showing the importance of the project management concepts and to show the effect of applying these concepts on different construction projects.             These concepts and techniques give many useful effects to the project when making good planning, schedule and cost estimation to get a proper result in decreasing cost and time and making a high control in performance.             In this project many aspects should be covered such as making a brief description about the project itself, in addition to make a schedule for the project activities showing its dependence, but the important aspect is the cost estimation for all activities and their resources which can be accepted by the client.             The methodology for this project is to make data collection about the project  management aspects and concepts, then applying these techniques on a construction project by making break down structure, quantity surveying and  cost estimation, using Microsoft excel and  primavera to make the whole calculation for the project and make comparison between the actual and estimated cost and duration.             The idea of this project had been applied before on different construction projects, but because of the uniqueness of each construction project, our project will be different.