Effect of heat treatment parameters on distribution of Mg2Si precipitate on the structure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 6063

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Fatayer, Esam
Obaisi, Amal
Rifai, Haneen
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The main objective of this project is to optimize the mechanical properties of the 6063 Al alloy processed at NAPCO. To achieve this, we shall study of the difference in properties between the samples which are prepared in-house at NAPCO and the imported samples. The effect of temperature on the microstructure to improve the mechanical properties of the 6063 alloy and its extrudibility will be investigated. The goal is thus to reduce the overall manufacturing costs. In the first stage our project was started with two sections of billets: one produced at NAPCO and the other is imported. The VHN test was conducted on sample cut from billets, 25mm in diameter and 30 mm long, at different loads (200, 500 and 1000 gf). The preliminary results show that at 1000 gf VHN the hardness of sample from NAPCO (808.895 Kgf/mm2 ) was lower than that obtained for the imported sample (936.2454 Kgf/mm2). In the second stage our project we will conduct mechanical testing (hardness, impact and tensile test) to compare between in-house billets and the imported billets. For this purpose we will use different characterization techniques such as metallography, SEM/EDX, and XRD when needed. The effect of extrusion temperature that will be varied between ~500C to ~ 600C shall assist in better understanding of the impact on the microstructure and mechanical properties. As a result for hardness test after samples are homogenized at different temperature (580,550 and 520) C° the VHN at 500 gf for sample which homogenized at 550 C° was the lowest value while sample at 580 C° was the highest and at 520 C° was between them.