Design Wastewater Collection Networks for An-Nassariya Village

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Majde Surakje Reg
Qutaiba Adham Deek Reg
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An-Nassariya is a village that undergoes many problems related to its infrastructure it can be said there’s no wastewater network. In the village, wastewater is being disposed of using cesspits and needless to mention how negative is that on the environment and the underlying groundwater resources. Therefore, we addressed in our graduation project the abovementioned problems and designed the wastewater collection network for the village using SewerCAD software. The design of the wastewater collection network considering design at 25 years period and limits in terms of the cover depth, velocity, and slope limits. In our work we utilized GIS along with the specialized software to process the data that we managed to collect such that the process of data entry was much facilitated. We demonstrated the output from the work in tabulated format, figures, plan views, and profiles, in addition, a detailed bill of quantity was prepared for the wastewater distribution network and the cost of network was computed. Conclusions were made and proper recommendations were summarized by the end.