Patients Satisfaction among Health Care Services Provided at An Najah National University

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Annas Alamlee
Hassan Saraheen
Ziad Shmlawee
Ahmad Al Sabbar
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Satisfaction is achieved when the patient’s perception of the quality of care and services that they receive in healthcare setting has been positive, satisfying, and meets their expectations. A satisfied patient will recommend center‘s services to friends and family. While a satisfied patient may express that satisfaction to four or five people, a dissatisfied one will complain to twenty or more. A cross sectional study aimed at evaluating patients' satisfaction with services provided at An-Najah University hospitals, from October to November, 2014. Eighty inpatients have been selected using convenient sampling method. They were interviewed using a questionnaire composed of 3- point Likert Scale statements, ( good, neutral, and bad). The questionnaire was filled by self-administrative and direct face-to-face interview. The results indicated that patients in the middle age (31-50) were less satisfied than other age groups and , male were found more satisfied than females. In addition to this, the result indicated that married patient were more satisfied than single patient. Oncologic patients were found to be the most satisfied once.