An-Najah child institute

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zaid, Inas
Mejdalwe, Jenan
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As the number of disabled people in the world has increased significantly and especially in recent times of our modern era [1], we decide to do something to help them, especially children. We found that An_Najah child institute cares about them. Our project will be a web-mobile application for An_Najah child institute as we found they have a problem in an appointment with their patient while some parent forgets that their child has a therapeutic session so our website which gathers the parent and the specialties will contain a notification system to remind the parent about the appointment.Also, The application will contain text messages to remind parents of the activities and homework that help the child to be better and show them these activities in 3d motion. The institute needs some help with scheduling so the application contains schedules of all employees and the possibility of changing these schedules, also a weekly report and statistics on the number of cases that visit the Institute annually can be sent to the manager by the staff. In addition to the notes can be sent by the parent about the status of their child to the specialist. Naturally, the website presents the types of disabilities that are specialized in this institute.