Hand sign translator

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Mraweh Herzallah
Mohammad yassen
Raed joma
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Abstract   Deaf and dumb people use sign language to communicate with others, but it was difficult to be understood by the normal people. The goal of this project is to reduce the barriers between them and enable the deaf and dumb people to communicate with normal people. The main objective of this project is to produce an algorithm that recognizes the gestures of hand sign language and convert it to understandable voices for normal people with accuracy in consideration. This project uses hand gloves model for gesture recognition with flex sensors that are used to detect the hand motion and signs. The detected signs values are stored in a microcontroller memory unit, and the output voices are previously stored in the voice processor unit. Depending on the detected hand signs and based on the designed algorithm, the matching voice will be played through the output speaker to be heard by the normal people.
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