Smart Infrastructure (SCADA System)

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Helo, Amjad
Muafi, Bashar
Hattab, Karam
Kama, Kazem
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The SCADA acronym stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. A SCADA system is a collection of both software and hardware components that allow supervision and control of plants, both locally and remotely. This collection of components begins with real-time data collected from infrastructure field devices such as pumps, controlled valves, flow meter and transmitters. These components don’t have to be from a particular vendor, they just need to have a communication protocol that the processor can utilize. Data collected from the field devices is then passed to the processors such as PLCs. From the processor, the data is distributed to a system of networked devices. These devices may be HMIs, end-user computers, and servers. On the HMI and end-user computer, graphical representations of the operations exist for operator interactions such as running pumps, opening valves and open contactor and more. This data may also be analyzed and used to enhance the infrastructure and troubleshoot problems.