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Ahmad Droobi
, Ataa Shaqour
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Cook-Overflow is social media platform, specialized in food viewing, recipe sharing, interacting between users and using its data for a recipe recommender system, which we give it the recipe we have, and it gives us what to cook using machine learning approach, more over we built the platform infrastructure from zero that matches our requirements for the data collection and recipe recommendation. Users can share there recipes, posting them on our platform. In addition, other users can interact with other users posts with using like and comment on the recipe posts, and even following other users. the platform has friendly, easy to use UI, reliable and scalable infrastructure that make it very useful for lovers of food in general, and students who live away from there families to cook there own meals. And the users (lovers of food) could Communicate with each other using simple Mobile application Messenger that makes it easier for them to share experiences and get the help from Professionals (chiefs), guiding them to the best and easy ways to make there daily meals or Parties that they could invite there friends and share the best moments with the food they made with different Nationalities all over the world.