AL-BIRAH Residential Tower

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The project is an "environmentally friendly residential tower" in Ramallah, the northern entrance to Al-Bireh. This project aims to implement the idea of rehabilitation, so that all the residents' needs are provided for food, secondary, health and entertainment needs, so this building has been fully equipped to accommodate and meet all the needs of its residents through a dynamic and smooth process that fully serves each other, forming an integrated residential ecosystem. When we talk about an environmentally friendly residential system, one of the design fundamentals is the necessity of self-sufficiency and sustainability, so each apartment is provided with a private garden that provides users with fresh air and some vegetables grown at home, connected to the water purification system. A restaurant was also provided on the top floor of the tower to see a panoramic image of the city that the residents of the tower would enjoy. In addition, public celestial gardens have been provided between the residential units, so that these central gardens give the spirit of participation and cooperation, which is the essence of any successful operation. As for the part at the base, it contains a sports center, a health center, and shops to meet the needs of the residents, which in its form and combination give stability and strength to the building from a structural and conceptual point of view.