Analysis and Design for Al-Faria Water and the Wastewater Networks

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The aim of this project is to analyze the existing network of the Faria area. Based on the results of the analysis, the network will be modified and redesigned to meet the requirements for the next 30 years, then design new wastewater collection network of the Faria area.  Faria Valley is located north ofTubas, bounded on the north with Faria camp and headFaria, from the east Tamoun, from the west Taluzah and Siris, and from the south Al-Badan.Faria Valley has a population of around 5500 captia in the year 2014 and a total area of 3000 dunums.TheFaria spring used to provide water to the area but this spring dried due to lack of rain and the digging of groundwater wells in the aquifer. To meet the above objectives, the study main methodology can be summarized in following main tasks: 1.      Collect all data needed including population and their distribution, data regarding the water network, data regarding water sources in the area, meteorological data, socio-economic data and topography. 2.      Analyze the existing water network and reach conclusions regarding any needed upgrading to the network after calculating the future water demands needed for the area. 3.      Design the new water network to meet the future water demand for the next 30 years using the computer software water CAD. 4.      Prepare a cost estimate for the new work to be implemented. 5.      Design anew wastewater network and only analysis it by sewer Cad program without solving their problem if exist.   The final outcome of the project is a full design of water network that will meet the requirement for the next 30 years, also the existence ofwastewater collection networkwith illustration their problems and some suggestions to solve them.  
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