Water Distribution Networks and WasteWater Networks of Tammon Town

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Ahmad AL-Qanni
Emran Bsharat
Hassan Mhamed
Mohammad Fuqaha
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According to the requirements of the Civil Engineering Department at An-Najah National University we propose this project as a graduation project to apply and link the theoretical background which we have learned through the last four years with the reality and practical life. The main aim of the project is to overcome the water problems in the village of Tammoun by designing a water distribution network (WDN) since there is no WDN in this village which leads to the lack of clean water for many families of this village. WDNs supply people to sources of water by using hydraulic components, such as pipes, valves, reservoirs and pumps. The methodology of the project will cover all the details including the sizes and capacities of these components based on hydraulic and operational constrains. Also, we will get all the necessary information concerned to the project area by the maps. In addition, the number of population and consumption of water per capita will be considered to estimate the capacity of the WDN, and we will do a questionnaire to ensure the accuracy of the updated information to this time. Moreover, WDNs must transmit and distribute clean and safe water for human activities. Using a network of pipes to distribute the water is a suitable and a safe way since the pipes cover the water and do not allow the pollutants to contact the fresh water.  Many tools and softwares which related to the state-of-the art in this field will be used such as EPANET and SEWERCAD to design the optimum pipes diameters for the WDN to make sure about the cost will be suitable within a reasonable budget for the feasibility study of our project.   Finally, this project will be provided for the first time in this village and we expect to be taken as a first step to establish and integrate the water system in Tammoun as a resource of clean and safe water for domestic activities such as drinking and washing.         Importance of water :{ } . 30         Importance of Water Distribution Networks (WDNs) People who live in different locations, whom their homes are not located in the same area and there is considerable distance between them they need to have water distribution networks (WDNs).   Objective of the project           Apply the theoretical background which we have learned through the last four years with the reality and practical life.         Design the water distribution network of Tammon by using water Cad software.         Studying and analyzing the water consumption and estimating the losses to do a feasibility study of the project.         Cost estimating for the project.         Design the main pipe line for waste water.