Smart Battery Charger

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Abdi Raghad
Asmar Ameed
Zebduh Marah
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Nowadays , because of the increasing demand for electric energy, and the high fuel consumption and the pollution that follows it ,the renewable resources of energy especially the photovoltaic energy is considered as the alternative solution to existing fuels thanks to its lowering cost and its little maintenance. Moreover, solar panels are a silent producer of energy as there is absolutely no noise when they convert sunlight into usable electricity. In order to exploit the Solar energy to storage the power electricity, a smart battery charger is necessary to storage the power and uses it. Suppose you went with your friends to an isolated place and forgot to charge your phone, how would you feel then? Sad isn't it! But do not worry, my friends and I will make a charger that helps you charge your phone battery using solar energy without the need for an electrical source. How will that be? Don't worry, we will answer all the questions that come to your mind. In our project we need 12V battery That is acts as a storage bank for the power generated from the solar panels and a photovoltaic (PV) panel that is used to convert solar power into electricity and a buck converter regulated by the Arduino Nano that measures voltage and current in the system and the voltage of the battery.