“ Development of Electric Vehicles aggregator Energy Policy Model “

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Abu Shomer, Amal
Sharshir, Dalia
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Now a days, Fossil fuel shortage and Environment protection are the most important cases. With high Electrical Demand and trying to balance with the available supply, Electric Vehicles and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) concept are recognized as solutions and the trend of the future. Vehicle to grid (V2G) technology allows both grid and vehicle to benefit. Also, it has the potential of reducing the cost of owning and operating Electric Vehicles (EVs) while increasing utility system flexibility. Aggregated battery vehicles (BVs) act as a distributed resource-load and a generation/storage device by their integration on the grid. The model introduced in this report focuses on the aggregator and its role. Depending on the mechanism of V2G and the relationship between the components and all the parameters and possible cases in this operation. By reviewing many scientific papers related to Electric Vehicles, V2G and Aggregators, V2G benefits and charging and discharging process are studied. Also Incentives, challenges, impacts on Environment and the electrical grid are discussed. Gathering these knowledgment into an elaborated energy policy model showing all the parameters that affect each component