Design of storm water drainage network

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Azzam Husain As'ous
Abed-Alrahman Masimi
Ahmad Abed-Alrahman
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Through a realistic vision for the City of Nablus we see that there Is a great importance of the proposed project of the design of storm water drainage network this importance and significance stems from the lack of correctly designed drainage networks if they exist or the absence of such systems in other cases.   If storm water is left uncollected or inefficiently was collected, this will lead to several consequences such as the difficulty in the daily life of people living in that area and the consequent economic damage. In addition, we will lose the possibility of utilizing water when collected and reused.   If you consider a project like this then you will be working to reduce the stress on water resources and you will take advantage of them correctly and reused for other sources.   The main objective of the project is to design a storm water drainage network for a certain area in the City of Nablus.   The methodology includes a number of steps: data collection, field visits to the different sites to select an area to be studied, gaining the knowledge in using the Storm CAD software, and finally do the design.   There are similar projects but we will make sure that our chosen study area within the City of Nablus will be subserviced by a storm water drainage network.