Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COC)

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Deena Jetawi
Hadeel Qawasmi
Manar Daana
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The project presents an integrative design of a Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COC) in Nablus, between the new campus of An-Najah National University and Beit-Wazan. In this project, a specific criteria has to be followed to form an integrated design which includes architectural, structural, electrical, environmental, mechanical, and safety aspects. We are going to redesign an existing architectural plan. The structural system we are going to use is one way ribbed slab with dropped beams due to some reasons providing dynamic analysis and seismic design. Two case studies, are going to be discussed for taking expertize and information. A number of software will be used to get calculations and sometimes comparing them with hand calculations like SAP16,Ecotect, Revit and Dialux. At the end of this project the systems used are defined and illustrated.