Green Revolution

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Imair, Areej
Osamah, Shima
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Technology present in the planting field will offer more efficiency by reducing the time and effort which is spent in irrigating plants and daily check for a suitable environment for these plants, all of these efforts could be reduced using the suitable technology. Our project is aiming to make the plant do the following: 1. follow up the sunlight. 2. water itself when it's needed. 3. cooling or heat according to temperature measurement. 4. proved manure whenever it is needed. This Project is going to be done through providing the plant with a movement ability, multiple sensors to read the environment status which will be reflected into supplying the plant with the needed element. A water tank and pump would be provided too, along with a fan and manure storage box. Needed equipment: ○ Arduino ○ soil moisture sensor ○ temperature sensor ○ water pump ○ water tank ○ movement path with micro motor and wheels. optional work according to project time: ● application to follow up with the plant through wireless or Bluetooth. Our Project aims to provide new features unlike the previous projects under agriculture topics like temperature manipulation and manure supplier, all these features will be controlled automated or manual