Smart energy meter with Wifi

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Haj Ali, Lilia
Hweati, Noor
Zamel, Rajaa
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This paper is useful to procure meter examining when needed so meter perusers don't need to visit each customer for the consumed energy data combination and of course the bill slips. A microcontroller can be used to screen and record the meter readings. Our thought is a keen meter that deals with Wi-Fi innovation that can be charged through a username and secret phrase in a comparative easy route in an application when running it shows the number of kilowatts will be burned-through, what amount is left, how much voltage and flow, and when you enter your username and secret word so you can enter the private record You enter a particular code to have the option to charge through it and is likewise associated with the counter to the cushion so we can charge if the power is cut off or the Internet isn't accessible, realizing that the application will send ready notices in case of a reduction in the level of power for the charging hardware and in different cases If you don't take care of consideration and cut the power, it will charge from the Key pad in light of the fact that the Internet for this situation will be detached from the association, and it is common that we can't utilize Wi-Fi innovation and given that the lion's share are utilizing 3G, however we are talking here in the most exceedingly terrible conditions without 3G.