Juvenile Correctional Center

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My project idea is to change the public’s conception of the detention to the idea of rehabilitation, and reintegration of the juvenile into society during and after serving his sentence. This idea is shown through the facility's exterior and interior design, the use of materials and color and providing a natural amount of lighting and ventilation which affects the rehabilitation process, as it has a significant impact on the psychology of the juvenile. In addition to the facilities that will be in prison from a playground, farms and workshops so that the most recent can work and receive his in the facility, or complete his school education so that he can take advantage of his sentence to qualify him for life later. All of this is based on the idea that depriving a juvenile of freedom is the greatest punishment in itself, and that they are in a sensitive period of their lives, they need psychological and physical care and create vacuums and design that creates a normal atmosphere of normality within the center. Therefore, the best way is to create an atmosphere similar to the outside atmosphere through the village-like structure using the cluster-linear style, which helps in distributing spaces and increasing privacy for each space separately. The design consists of 3 clusters of blocks, namely administration, school-workshops, and residential units. So, the blocks were arranged in the form of clusters in a balanced convenient way, providing privacy in a linear manner surrounded by green squares that are used for agriculture as it is an important part of the life of the Palestinian individual and for its positive impact on the psyche of the juvenile.