Water Resource Management Of Tulkrum Governorat

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Dalia Kettaneh
Rasha Jedi
Rawan Masarweh
Hiba Salman
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Water is the most abundant liquid on earth. It covers more than 70% of earths surface. In Palestine, water is the most precious natural resource, and its relative scarcity is a major constraint on human development. As a consequence, allocation and management of water resources a same great importance.  This project aims to analyze water resources system for Tulkarm Governorate. Data will be collected according to the location of the area, type of land use, topography and population for this governorate.  More over different issues such as, supply, demand and water needs for agriculture land domestic use will be analyzed. In accordance to this, the area of the study will be divided in to clusters.   Based on the analysis of the existing conditions and the estimated future water demand, this study will estimate future water gap for the year 2032. In order to bridge this gap, the project will develop a system that includes piping, pumps, and storage facilities that will determine the potential water resources. Also, the rehabilitate of existing water networks, rain water harvesting development and management of ground and surface water resources will be considered.  Based on the above, the projects suggests  an investment plane that will include all needed water networks components to cover water needs for the next 20 years. The plan will be based on an agreed upon criteria of different projects.