A 3D Dynamic Analysis of ZAMZAM Building

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Sufian Shuli
Saleh Daraghma
Harith Salem
Murad Nuerat
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A 3D DYNAMIC STRUCTURAL DESIGN OF ZAMZAM BUILDING The general objective of this project is to design ZAMZAM BUILDING. The construction is commercial with nine stories and an overall area of 5000 m2. It lies in Nablus city, Rafidia district, the main street, near AL-RAWDA mosque. The building has many functions including shopping centres and residential houses. The design process will be on two stages; static design and dynamic design, with 1D and 3D models. In the static design the structure is to be designed for gravity loads. While in the dynamic design well design for lateral loads with gravity loads simultaneously. The main design will be executed by SAP. However, for comparison and verifications, we shall utilize the 1D model with hand calculations. At the end of the project, we are expected to introduce a design that meets strength, serviceability, and stability.