Practicing the Development of a Production Plan for BISAN Factory

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Barakat, Lara
Barham, Heba
Shawabkeh, Wardah
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During 2012, Reach Holding in collaboration with a group of Palestinian investors established an advanced air-conditioners factory in Tulkarm, the first and largest Palestinian factory specialized in manufacturing and production of different types of air conditioners. The factory aims to transform the Palestinian market from the stage of importing air conditioners to local manufacturing in line with international standards, so that Palestine could enter the list of manufacturing countries of air conditioners. The factory works according to the highest standards and procedures of international quality. As a first and new factory in producing air conditioners in Palestine, there is a strong need to develop an excellent annual production plans for this factory, in order to meet the customers’ needs, achieve profits and avoid losses. So, this project aims to practice how to develop a production plan for 12000 units integrated with material requirement planning, stores and inventory, procurement, quality, safety management and other issues.