Water Distribution Network Of Anabta

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Alaq Sabbobeh
Mai Dmaidi
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The aim of the project is to analyze the network of Anabta and to redesign the network to meet the requirements for the next 30 years. Moreover, to develop a conceptual design rain drainage network& sewer network.  This is important since lately there have been a lot of problems in that area as floods & other problems in the network. This will be partially done using the EPANET software .The final outcome will be a full design of water Network.   Project tasks: 1)       Select the study area of Anabta , which has the population of 8000 capita 2)      Collect data regarding the study area          Topographic map          Water network map          Data regarding the water network (type, age, problems  ...)          Data regarding water sources in the area          General data such as meteorological data, socio economic data, topography.. 3)      Develop a questionnaire to collect further data regarding the study area, the questionnaire includes questions to measure the per capita water consumption, the performance of the network, income, losses. 4)      Analyze the outcome of the  questionnaire 5)      Work on the maps and the collected data to develop the data needed for the EPANET program, then run the model and develop conclusions for the existing network. 6)      Develop the future water requirements based on upon assumptions and demand patterns 7)      Develop the input file for future conditions. 8)      BOQ will be developed and some financial analysis for different design options is to be conducted.